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Merry Christmas!
Thu 22.12.11

The team of Lib4RI wishes everybody a wonderful winter, peaceful holidays, and a good start into the new year! There will be no service at the library from Saturday, 24 December 2011 up to an…

NEBIS recherche: New Design & Functions
Wed 14.12.11

Our library catalogue NEBIS recherche is presented with a new design and offers several new functions: • The list of results is represented more clearly: information can be viewed via tabs. Search results can now also be sorted according to title and author. • Faster access to online resources. • Better personalization: ...

New Electronic Resource: Reaxys
Thu 01.12.11

Lib4RI has licensed Reaxys, a web-based chemistry database that integrates reaction and substance data search with synthesis planning. Search capabilities include searching by reaction, substance, or numeric property data. Substance searching includes (sub-) structure, generic and R-group searching, molecular formula, name and ...

Lib4RI-Update #03
Tue 29.11.11

English Version: • New Service — Faster from citation to the full text • Reaxys now licensed — Gmelin and Beilstein at your fingertips Deutsche Version: • Neuer Service — Schneller vom Zitat zum Volltext • Reaxys lizensiert — Gmelin und Beilstein immer zur Hand...

Faster from Citation to Full Text
Fri 25.11.11

A click on this button is the shortest way to the full texts of articles. Lib4RI has improved the access to full texts of scientific articles. With the help of a link resolver, references in databases (e.g. Scopus and Web of Science) are now linked more comprehe…

Trial access to all journals of the Nature Publishing Group
Thu 17.11.11

As of today users of Lib4RI have free access to all journals of the Nature Publishing Group (NPG) until the end of 2011. These include in total 110 titles, particularly from Life Sciences, Medicine, Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Physics. You can find a list of these journals on the website of the NPG. This free trial access ...

IEEE downloads available again
Fri 28.10.11

IEEE articles can be downloaded again into the file cabinet. IEEE generously deleted all the AIP articles in the file cabinet and replaced them with a new download quota. Please remember not to download AIP articles via the IEEE platform but via the AIP journal homepage. This helps to prevent a situation similar to the one we ...

IEEE downloads exhausted
Fri 07.10.11

As of today, there are no more IEEE downloads to our fee-based file cabinet left. In part, this has been caused by the totally unnecessary download of AIP articles. Lib4RI holds a subscription to IEEE Journals Library Plus, which gives our users unlimited access to the articles from all IEEE journals and magazines published ...

Results of the journal survey
Thu 15.09.11

The directorates of the four research institutes initiated a survey to identify the most important scientific journals. From September 2010 to March 2011 members of Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL were asked to name the five most important journals for their work in an online survey. We received responses from 602 people, who named ...

2010 Annual Report of Lib4RI
Thu 08.09.11

We are pleased to present the first annual report of Lib4RI: Lib4RI Jahresbericht 2010 (in German, PDF, 742kb) The report summarizes the various initiatives and activities that have taken place in the library during the last year. It might come as a surprise that we present an annual report of Lib4RI for 2010 although the library ...

New Look for Bibliographies
Thu 25.08.11

The Institutional Bibliographies of Eawag and Empa are presented in a new look. We have switched to the RefShare 2.0 interface, featuring a layout that is much easier on the eyes and easier to use. All publications by members of Eawag and Empa are included in the Eawag Bibliography and “Empa Bibliograp…

New: Wildlife and Ecology Studies Worldwide
Thu 21.07.11

The bibliographic database «Wildlife & Ecology Studies Worldwide» was formerly only available at the WSL, but now is also available for user at Eawag, Empa & PSI. «Wildlife & Ecology Studies Worldwide» (EBSCO) indexes and abstracts literature on wild mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians from journals, monographs, ...

New Team Members
Tue 19.07.11

Two new members joined the library team on July 4: Laura Tobler (left) and Dorothe Staub (right). Dorothe Staub is the new member in the «InfoServices & Institutional Bibliography» group, where she is responsible for the consolidation of our print journal collection. She will work at the library locations in Dübendorf ...

Lib4RI-Update #02 is out!
Mon 16.05.11

English Version: • Our New Website • New Resources: More E-Books • Insights into 75 Years of Eawag Research: History Corner in the Library Deutsche Version: • Unsere Neue Website • “Neue Angebote: Mehr …

Insights into 75 years of Eawag Research
Thu 12.05.11

History Corner in the library Following Empa and WSL (both 125 years), now Eawag itself is celebrating a milestone anniversary – its 75th. What began in 1936 as the «Beratungsstelle der ETH für Abwasserreinigung und Trinkwasserversorgung» with just three employees has long since become a national center of excellence for ...

Trial access to Cambridge Journals
Tue 03.05.11

Lib4RI is providing trial access to all Cambridge Journals via Cambridge Journals Online (CJO) until June 3, 2011. The direct link is: This platform offers access to over 260 peer-reviewed Cambridge journals. The Cambridge University Press Journals are globally recognised for their quality and editorial ...

New Website Online
Thu 31.03.11

Over the course of the last few months, we have been busily working to create the website you’re now looking at. Launched on March 24, the new website serves as Lib4RI’s virtual branch, replacing and unifying the websites of Lib4RI’s founding libraries. Both the look and the functions of the website have been ...

New Resources – Extensions as a result of the merger
Thu 10.02.11

Information resources which until now have been available at one of the four research institutes are now available at all four institutions. That amounts to a substantially improved range of resources for all users. All of our databases and journals can be found on our website (see Resources > Databases and Resources > Journals). ...

Lib4RI-Update #01 is now available!
Wed 09.02.11

English Version: • New Start on 1.1.11: Merger of the libraries • Celebrate with us! Opening on 10 February 2011 • New Resources: Extensions as a result of the merger • The Lib4RI Team: There for you, wherever you are! Deutsche Version: • “Neusta…

Opening of Lib4RI, the new joint library of Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL
Wed 26.01.11

Dear colleagues at Eawag, Empa, PSI und WSL! You are cordially invited to celebrate with us the opening of Lib4RI, which will take place at the main sites of the library on 10 February 2011! The libraries of Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL merged on 1st January. The new Lib4RI website gives you access to all library resources and services ...

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