FAQ - Institutional Bibliography

Questions related to RefShare (Eawag & Empa)

The database system for the institutional bibliography of Eawag and Empa is RefShare (or rather RefWorks). RefShare offers the opportunity to create URLs that link to a particular reference or a group of references. These links can be used on personal homepages or the homepages of work groups.

URLs to link to all publications of a research department at Eawag
URLs to link to all publications of a research department at Empa

How do I create a bibliography?

In RefShare you can create a bibliography in many styles from a list of references.

1. Select references to export and add them to My List with a click on the star symbol .

2. Go to the list of references in My List (View > My List).

3. Click the Create Bibliography link from the Quick Access bar.

4. Under Output Style, select the appropriate style; Under File Type, select the file format you wish to create (Text, HTML, RTF (Rich Text), Word for Windows (2000 or later, or Word for Mac (98 or later) or OpenOffice (.odt).

5. Under Reference to Include, select My List.

6. Click Create Bibliography.

Follow your browser's instructions for viewing the file and be sure to save the document to your computer

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