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HADES – Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland

The Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland comprises a systematic sequence of maps split up into eight chapters following a classification of hydrology according to the system elements: precipitation, snow and glaciers, evaporation, rivers and lakes, water balance, soil- and groundwater. It also considers physical and chemical aspects of the system elements.

The HADES website offers the data presented in many maps and diagrams for free and without password. This includes:

The Atlas is also available in print at the library locations in Birmensdorf, Dübendorf, Kastanienbaum and Villigen: HADES in the NEBIS catalogue

Map Collections

Lib4RI holds several topographic and thematic maps. These maps as well as all the maps from the other NEBIS libraries can be searched for in the NEBIS catalog (see below: «How to find maps»). Borrowing conditions or loan periods may be different, and some maps may only be consulted in the respective library.

Maps of the following topographic and thematic map collections can be found with a geographical overview grid, which allows you to search geographically for the map you are interested in. Using the links below leads you to the corresponding entry in the NEBIS catalog, where you can directly order the desired map.

See below for How to find maps.

Topographic Maps

Swiss National Map 1:200 000
Swiss General Map 1:300 000
Swiss National Map 1:500 000
Swiss National Map 1:1 million

Loans: The national maps of Switzerland may only be borrowed by employees of Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL for 30 days.

Geological Maps

Loans: Employees of Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL may borrow geological maps for 30 days.

Groundwater Maps

Kanton Aargau: Groundwater map
Kanton Thurgau: Groundwater map
Kanton Zürich: Groundwater map (mean-water level)
Kanton Zürich: Groundwater map (high-water level)

Loans: The groundwater maps may be borrowed for 30 days; employees of Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL may borrow them for 360 days.

How to Find Maps

Use our search box above at the top, click on «Books», which links to NEBIS recherche. Refine the search results selecting the respective «Resource Type», «Genre» and «Scale».

In NEBIS catalog (classic) use the «Advanced Search» option and limit the «Document type» to atlases and maps.

Kartenportal.CH holds a wealth of information on worldwide digital maps and Swiss map collections. The search option within Kartenportal.CH offers a new way of searching geographically for maps in all major Swiss universities and national libraries.

Also refer to's press release from 28.10.2014 on their Improved access to maps from all regions of the world.

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