Vacancy: Group Leader Media and IT Services

Dr. Lothar Nunnenmacher, 15. March 2019

Join our team! We offer an exciting position as a group leader at Lib4RI:

The Group Leader «Media & IT Services» is responsible for all back office services in Lib4RI. This includes all IT Services for the library, with e.g. the open-source software development for our repository DORA, and all processes and associated projects in the field of collection development with a strong emphasis on electronic resources.

Please take a look at the full details of this job opportunity (in German only) and apply via the online application portal.

Photograph: N. Youngson «Opportunity» , Picpedia/Alpha Stock Images, CC BY-SA


Stephanie Hofmann

t +41 58 765 5032

Dr. Bobby Neuhold

t +41 58 765 5133

Dr. Lothar Nunnenmacher

t +41 58 765 5221