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  • Injector 2: a pre-accelerator for protons
  • From the garage to the world
  • Big help for small children
  • To the limits of the feasible
  • Quartz powder for the battery of the future
  • Making a valuable resource usable with water
  • Unwetter 2016: Grosse Schäden auf der Alpennordseite
  • WSL-Magazin Diagonal Nr. 1/17
  • Landschaften unter anhaltendem Druck
  • Waldbrand, Insektenbefall oder Windwurf in Bergwäldern werden wieder wichtiger
  • Künstlerisch-wissenschaftliches Projekt ‚treelab‘ erhält Anerkennungspreis
  • A 100-year-old physics problem has been solved at EPFL
  • Electric cargo bikes now available for use, free of charge, at EPFL
  • Museomix to take over the ArtLab building
  • EPFL to become drone central in early September
  • A video game demonstrates how energy choices affect our carbon footpr
  • EPFL spin-offs flourish in a finely tuned ecosystem

Lib4RI News

New joint library for the research institutes
Thu 23.12.10

Eawag, Empa, PSI and WSL are intensifying their cooperation by fusing their respective libraries. The joint library, “Lib4RI” (Library for the Research Institutes within the ETH Domain: Eawag, Empa, PSI & WSL), will bring synergies and increased efficiency. It will allow the four institutions to make much-needed ...

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