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All Empa employees have to submit Postprint-PDFs of their scientific publications to the Empa Publications Database. Please use this form to submit your new publications or send them via e-mail.

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All Empa publications in the current institutional bibliography: RefWorks

New institutional repository DORA

We are delighted to announce that the new institutional repository DORA Empa is now publicly available. This service is currently in its beta-stage and might not always behave as expected. In particular, many entries are not yet linked correctly to their authors or organisational units. However, the new system meets all the modern-day requirements of an institutional repository and will, eventually, simplify the ways in which users can access or aggregate Empa publications. We hope you enjoy using it! For more information, see our news entry. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

For the time being, the old bibliography on RefWorks will still be updated and curated. We will make sure DORA Empa is completely up-to-date and provides all the necessary features before we close down the RefWorks bibliography.

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Materials meet Life

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